Home of Happiness

Abhaya Home of Happiness

Abhaya FOUNDATION has decided to rescue and rebuild the lives of destitute on the roads with ‘Abhaya Home of Happiness’ at Hyderabad. This remains to be a center of HOPE for all such people and further, it will be working on lakhs of youngsters in the villages/cities about life skills by its capacity building initiatives to increase the employability for making them confident about their own sustenance.

abhaya Home of Happiness is for all, for abandoned kids, it’s a place, where they get love and care, For the youth, it’s an empowering center to get training in self-employment courses and build their career and for the old and terminally ill, a place where they have solace and serene atmosphere to forget all their difficulties in life and depart from the world with dignity. Abhaya believes that with its experience and active participation in the corporate houses and working professionals this project will definitely become a heaven on the earth

Projects running at Home of Happiness:

abhaya Home for Destitute: During its various service activities in and around the city of Hyderabad, Abhaya came across thousands of homeless and hopeless people. All of them are deprived, homeless, disadvantaged, orphans, children and old aged people. This prompted and inspired Abhaya to lay the foundation of a home “Abahaya Home for the Destitute” at “Abhaya Home of Happiness”. its motto is to provide love, affection, and care to such harbingers of God so as to bring back the Hope & Happiness in their lives.

abhaya Life Skill Center for Youth: Youth in the village are jobless as they don’t have employable education or skill in them. Abhaya wishes to address this issue and turn the Home of Happiness into an empowering center, which imparts Life Skills among the youth of villages nearby and in the state thereafter.

Having understood the need for specific interventions, Abhaya organizes various training programs, conferences, seminars on topics like, personality development, developing soft skills, interview skills, communication skills, drafting the resume, self-discipline, update of knowledge, Targeting for the higher goals in life and so on.

  1. Abhaya Hyundai Driving School: Abhaya providing residential driving training for unemployed youth and Hyundai Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad joined their hand by donating a Santro car for Driving School and providing monthly maintenance. More than a hundred students were trained to date and most of them got the job.
  2. Abhaya NAC Learning Center: National Academy of Construction, who work in empowering people impaneled Abhaya Home of Happiness as one of its training centers and providing Electrical and Plumbing courses.
  3. Abhaya CCL Communication Skill

abhaya Vocational Training Center for Woman:

  • Abhaya Women Empowerment Center at Boyanpally
  • Abhaya CCL Women Empowerment Center at Chededu
  • Abhaya CCL Women Empowerment Center at Ibrahimpatnam