Abhya Foundation

abhaya was founded in 2006 with a mission to Serve with H.E.A.R.T. (Healthcare, Educare, Awareness, Rural Development, and Transformation). From its inception, abhaya made difference to hundreds of people who are in dire need of support across the country. Leaders, Media Houses, General Public many a time appreciated the efforts of Abhaya and supporting the work whenever there is a possibility.


“To be globally renowned – for its values, services, management, transparency in serving humanity thereby transforming the world into a better place to live in.”


“Abhaya MISSION is to serve the H.E.A.R.T (Health, Education, Awareness, Rural Development, and Transformation) with Heart”.


“Oh God! Guide me to work on anything that will refine my character. Bless me to do the work for the self-development with all my knowledge, education, talent, expertise, enthusiasm, and honesty. Show me the ideal path and make me walk on such path as an able instrument in your divine hands. Let all my thoughts, words and deeds unite while working for the fellow beings and transform me in the process. I promise to share all that I can with the needy. Let me be the real example of your LOVE in the society.”

With the support of Trust Board members and well-wishers across the globe, Abhaya could achieve many, the following are a few notable credentials:

  • abhaya registered Trust & 80G Approved NGO.
  • abhaya can accept foreign donations u/ FCRA
  • CII enlisted Abhaya as one of the best NGO™s in “CII – Dossier of NGO
  • Thousands of professional/ well-wishers connected and donate to Abhaya.
  • abhaya monthly e-newsletter is reaching about 30000 people across the globe.
  • Major electronic and print media houses appreciated the efforts of Abhaya
  • Many corporate houses supporting Abhaya and its Misson.

In past 10 years, Abhaya supported many people to come out of their crisis. The following are statistics at a high level.

  • Made a difference to at least 400 people, suffering from health issues
  • Supported about 400 poor students who are perusing higher studies
  • Created sustained Business solutions for 30 families who are in crisis.
  • Working on 12 Schools in South Indian states and benefiting more than 6000 students and 400 teachers
  • Taking care of 10 orphans (7 Girls/ 3 boys)
  • Distributed about 25,000 blankets across the country during winter season since last 9 years.
  • Inspired approximately 10 lakhs of youngsters across the country.
  • Organised 3 CSR Seminars covering 4 States in South India, spreading the cause of CSR

More information about foundation can be found at http://www.abhayafoundation.org